DVR 5MP, also called the Digital Video Recorder DVR 5MP/ Digital Video Recorder 5MP/ DVR CCTV 5MP/ DVR 5MP 4CH/ 5MP HD DVR/ 5MP DVR Security System, means that this Digital Video Recorder has 5 million pixels.

So what does 5MP pixels stands for?
The letter "M" means million, and the letter "P" means pix, so 5MP means 5 megapixels. MP refers to MegaPixel.Some cameras only display 1M, 3M, 5M, etc.,. more specifically speaking, 5MP means that the camera is set at 5 million pixels to take photos. By analogy, 3MP is 3 million pixels, and 16MP is 16 million pixels.

So does the pixel mean? 
The pixel refers to the smallest unit in an image represented by a sequence of numbers.
The pixel is composed of the small aquares of an image. These small squares have a clear position and assigned color value in this image, and the color and position of the small squares can determine what this image looks like. We can regard the pixel as the indivisible unit or element in the entire image. The pixel is indivisible, which means it can't be cut into smaller units or elements because it exists as a single color grid. Each bitmap image contains a certain amount of pixels, which can determine the size of the image on the screen.

The pixel for the camera actually means the maximum pixel. Pixel is the unit of resolution. This pixel value only refers to the maximum effective resolution the camera supports.

For example, the resolution of 0.3MP is 640×480, 0.5MP is 800×600, 0.8MP is 1024×768 5" (3.5×5 inches), 1.3MP is 1280×960 6" (4×6 inches), 2MP is 1600×1200 8" (6×8 inches) 5" (3.5×5 inches), 3.1MP is 2048×1536 10" (8×10 inches) 7" (5×7 inches), 4.3MP is 2400×1800 12" (10×12 inches) 8" (6×8 inches), 5MP is 2560×1920 12" (10×12 inches) 8" (6×8 inches), 6MP is 3000×2000 14" (11×14 inches) 10" (8×10 inches), 8MP is 3264×2488 16"(12×16 inches) 10" (8×10 inches), 11MP is 4080×2720 20" (16×20 inches) 12" (10×12 inches), 14MP is 4536×3024 24" (18×24 inches) 14" (11×14 inches), and all these are the approximate dimensions.

When we measure the picture size in pixels, we need to specify its fixed resolution first, then we can convert the picture size to the actual size. For example, the commonly used resolution of the pictures in the web page making is 72, that is, 72 pixels per inch, and 1 inch is equal to 2.54 cm. Then, through conversion, we can know that each cm is equal to 28 pixels; another example is a picture with the size of 15x15 cm, which is equal to 420*420 pixels.
DPI means ** dots per inch
LPI means ** lines per inch
PPI means **pixels per inch

In conclusion, we should pick up the most suitable pixels when we choose the security cameras and DVRs.

4 Channel H.265 AHD DVR 5MP
4 Channel H.265 AHD DVR 5MP

4CH H.265 5MP Hybrid DVR
4CH H.265 5MP Hybrid DVR

8 Channel H.265 DVR With 5MP
8 Channel H.265 DVR With 5MP

CCTV Digital video recorder H.265
CCTV Digital video recorder H.265

16 Channel  H.265 DVR 5 MP
16 Channel H.265 DVR 5 MP

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