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Smart Security Device

We may have heard of the Smart Security, so what does the Smart Security mean? 

The Smart Security refers to the informatization of the services, the image transmission, and the storage technology. With the development of the science technology and the information technology in the 21st century, the Smart Security technology has entered a brand new field. The boundary between the Smart Security Technology and computers is gradually disappearing. Without the security technology, our society will not be stable, and the progress of the worldwide science technology will be affected.

So what does the Smart Security Device mainly include?
A complete Smart Security System(Smart Security Camera Outdoor) mainly includes three parts: access control, alarm and monitoring; which means that it should be equipped with the anti-theft alarm system, video surveillance alarm system, entrance and exit control alarm system, security guard patrol alarm system, GPS vehicle alarm management system and 110 alarm network transmission system, etc. These subsystems can be set up and run independently, or they can be centrally monitored by the central control room, and they can also be integrated and centrally monitored with other integrated systems.

Anti-theft Alarm System
The anti-theft alarm system(Smart Security) can be divided into the perimeter defense, building area defense, enterprise defense in the open area, enterprise`s physical equipment defense, etc.

Video Surveillance and Alarm System
Video surveillance and alarm systems( Smart Security Camera) are mainly used in major public places and important parts of buildings for the real-time monitoring, video recording and image review during alarms.

Entrance and Exit Control Alarm System
The entrance and exit control alarm system(Smart Security Home) is an automated system which uses the modern electronic information technology to implement the let-in, rejection, recording and alarm operations for people (or objects) entering and exiting at the entrance/exit of a building.

Patrol Alarm System
The patrol alarm system uses the pre-programmed security patrol software and the pass card readers to supervise the movement status of security personnel patrols (whether they are on time, follow the order, etc.), make records, and promptly report unexpected situations.

Visitor Alarm System
The visitor alarm system enables people living in the building to communicate with visitors in a two-way or visual manner. The people living in the building can remotely open or close the entrance door or unit door of the building, and can promptly report when an accident occurs. And then the security center will call the police.

Shenzhen Sanan Technology Co.,Ltd also runs the Smart Security Devices(Smart Security System) such as the Face identification, Automatic Number Plate Recognition, AI Camera(AI Human detection Cameras/ AI Vehicle Detection Cameras), and we have been keeping the  technology updates all the time these years, and our aim is to try our best to supply the best products with vertified good quality and advanced technology, which may help people enjoy safer and more convient life.

Smart Face Analysis IP Camera 2MP
Smart Face Analysis IP Camera 2MP

Eyeball 4MP Facial Recognition IP CCTV Camera
Eyeball 4MP Facial Recognition IP CCTV Camera

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