AHD Four in One CCTV Kit

What is the AHD Four in One CCTV Kit? The AHD Four in One CCTV Kit/ AHD CCTV Kit/ AHD CCTV Kit HD/ AHD CCTV Kit Near Me/ AHD CCTV Kit Youtube/ AHD Kit AHD CCTV System is an importable part of the CCTV Kit, and this kind of CCTV Kit is also widly applied to the many fields. 

So what about the advantages of the AHD Four in One CCTV Kit?
AHD Four in One CCTV Kit is the combination of the AHD Four in One Cameras and the Digital Video Recorder. Let me introduce you the 2 parts respectively. 

The AHD Four in One Camera, also called the Analog High Definition Camera, one type of the analog camera, contains 4 video formats, and they are AHD,TVI,CVI,and CVBS respectively. The AHD Four in One Camera can transmit the ultra-long distant (500 meters) high-definition analog signal(resolution above 720P is High Definition, also called the HD ) via the ordinary video cable or the 75-5 coaxial cable.The AHD Four in One Camera adopts the advanced Y/C signal separation and analog filtering technology, which can effectively reduce color noise in the high-frequency area and improve the image restoration. Besides, compared with the traditional analog high-definition camera, the image resolution of the AHD Four in One Camera has a great improvement and the highest definition can reach up to the equal level to the network HD 1080P. 

The Digital Video Recorder, also called the DVR, is the video storage device(a computer system for image storage and processing) via the hard disk recording. The Digital Video Recorder has the functions of long-term image recording, voice recording, remote monitoring and control of images/voices. In terms of the image processing, image storage, retrieval, backup, network transmission, and remote control, the Digital Video Recorder is the far superior to the analog monitoring equipment because of the adoption of the digital recording technology. 

The Digital Video Recorder represents the developing direction of the TV monitoring system, and it is also the first choice for the TV monitoring system in this market.  

What about the disadvantages for the AHD Four in One CCTV kit?
The AHD Four in One CCTV Kit is wired and it is not so convienient as the Wireless CCTV kit in some applications, but the AHD Four in One CCTV Kit is stable and cheap in some degree. 

Therefore, we should choose the suitable CCTV Kit according to our demand. 

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