Mobile Digital Video Recorders

Mobile Digital Video Recorders, also called MDVR, Vehicle DVR, or Mobile DVR,are a kind of device that compresses and stores the video inside and outside the car after the digital-to-analog convertion with advanced video and audio coding and decoding technology. Meanwhile, Mobile DVR for Vehicles supports GPS positioning, entertainment playback, wireless network transmission and so on.

The Mobile Digital Video Recorder, which adopts the high-performance H.264 coding standard, and integrates the 3G video capture, GPS global satellite positioning management, wireless transmission, 3G wireless communication technology, video surveillance technology, is the core part of a new generation of the wireless vehicle video surveillance solutions. The (4 Channel) Mobile DVR has powerful audio and video capture, driving data storage and transmission functions, advanced shockproof, dustproof, and heat dissipation(based on the all-aluminum heat dissipation design concept) patented technologies, with three network communication methods optional, and it is suitable for high-speed Sports, severe vibration, unstable power supply, severe interference, dusty and other harsh vehicle mobile environments, and widely used in buses, subways, trains, long-distance buses, taxis, logistics vehicles, private cars, special vehicles (such as cash transport vehicles) and other mobile video surveillance fields.

Mobile Digital Video Recorder Functions

1. Using H.264 video compression technology, high compression ratio, suitable for narrowband wireless transmission;
2. Support 4 channels voice and video synchronous collection, transmission and storage;
3. Support two-way duplex voice intercom;
4. Support both 3G and Wi-Fi internet;
5. Support server video storage, local hard disk, SD card video storage;
6. Support WEB page configuration parameters and real-time video browse;
7. Sensors, CAN data collectors, GPS and other peripherals can be connected via external serial ports;
8. Optimize the transparent transmission of RS232 serial data, built-in driving recorder function;
9. Support vehicle phone and remote monitoring function;
10. Support Hongdian GPS management platform and GPS historical track playback;

In conclusion, MDVR is very powerful and it is very important to choose a suitable MDVR to support the normal operation of the whole vehicle surveillance system, and complish the monitor purpose. "Security Anytime Anywhere, Vehicles Surveillance System Specialist" is the slogan of Sanan Technology, please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any demands for the MDVR, we have different MDVRs for you to choose, and we would also be very glad to give you some advice based on our over 10 years industry experience if you need. 

MDVR Digital Video Recorder 4-channel
MDVR Digital Video Recorder 4-channel

H.265 4CH Vehicle Mobile DVR
H.265 4CH Vehicle Mobile DVR

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