Automatic Number Plate Recognition

Automatic Number Plate Recognition(also called the Vehicle License Plate Recognition, VLPR, ANPR) is an application of the computer video image recognition technology, which is widely used in the highway vehicle management, and is also the main means(combined with the DSRC technology) of identifying the vehicle identity in the electronic toll collection (ETC) system.

Vehicle License Plate Recognition Technology requires the ability to extract and recognize the Vehicle License Plate in motion from the complex background. Through the technologies of the license plate extraction, image preprocessing, feature extraction, Vehicle License Plate character recognition and so on, to identify the vehicle license plate number, color and other information. At present, the recognition rate of letters and numbers can reach 99.7%, and the recognition rate of Chinese characters can reach 99%.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition(Vehicle Number Plate Recognition Camera) is one of the important components in modern intelligent transportation systems, and it is widely used in the parking lot charging management, traffic flow control index measurement, vehicle positioning, car anti-theft, automatic supervision of the highway speeding, red light electronic police, highway toll stations, etc; which has the practical significance for maintaining traffic safety and urban public order, preventing traffic jams, and realizing traffic automation management.

Here are some specific applications of the Automatic Number Plate Recognition below:

Monitoring alarm
For vehicles in the "blacklist", the Automatic Number Plate Recognition System(Vehicle License Plate Recognition System) will read the license plate numbers of all the passing vehicles and compare them with the "blacklist" in the system. Once the designated vehicle is found, an alarm will be issued immediately.

Penalties for speeding violations
Compared with traditional speeding monitoring methods, this Automatic Number Plate Recognition(Vehicle Number Plate Recognition) can save police force and reduce the work intensity of the law enforcement personnel. It is safe, efficient and concealed. Drivers need to remind themselves not to speed, which can greatly reduces accidents caused by speeding.

Vehicle access management
Combined with the Automatic Number Plate Recognition technology, the Vehicle access management system can achieve vehicle access without parking or card retrieval, which can effectively improve the efficiency of the vehicle access.

Highway toll management
This application can realize the automatic billing and prevent the cheat and loss of receivables.

Automatic registration of the license number
The Automatic Number Plate Recognition can reduce the work intensity and greatly improve the processing speed and efficiency of the illegal vehicle license registration.
In conclusion, the Automatic Number Plate Recognition has brought us great convenience and this Automatic Number Plate Recognition technology will be more and more widely used as the technology gets mature and mature. 

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