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Temperature Device

The Temperature Device includes the Temperature Device(Infrared Temperature Device) for the industry and the Temperature Device for human beings. Sanan Technology mainly runs the Temperature Device for human beings and we hope our Temperature Device could help in front of the COVID-19, the disaster humans all over the world are facing this year. 

So what types do the Temperature Devices mainly include?
The Temperature Devices(Heat Detector Temperature) mainly can be divided into the Manual Temperature Device and the Electrical Temperature Device. The Manual Temperature mainly refers to the Mercury Thermometer, one of the most accurate thermometers in the world, which are widely used in all kinds of hospitals and medical institutions. As for the Electrical Temperature Devices(Human Temperature Detection), there are all many types and the most popular ones are the Infrared Thermometer and the Thermal Camera. 

What is the Infrared Thermometer? 
The Infrared Thermometer(Temperature Device for Home) measures the body temperature via the infrared rays, and it can be divided into the contact Infrared Thermometer and the non-contact Infrared Thermometer; which is relatively safe and accurate when we are doing the body temperature measuring, and it is very suitable for the elderly, children, hospitals and families.

What about the Thermal Camera?
The Thermal Camera measures the body temperature via the infrared rays, too. Except that, the Thermal Camera can show the images of the detected faces(with the temperature marked). Besides, the Thermal Camera can automatically alarm in time once the abnormal body temperture is found. So convenient!

In conclusion, compared with the Manual Temperature Device(COVID-19 Temperature Monitor), the Electrical Temperature Device is faster, safer, and more convenient. As time goes by, the Electrical Temperature Device is getting more and more widely accepted and used. 

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