COVID-19 Non-contact Thermometer

The Thermometer that Sanan Technology mainly runs is the Infared Thermometer for Humans/ COVID-19 Non-contact Thermometer. 

The classifications of the Infared Thermometer

The Infrared Thermometer are mainly divided into the Contact Infrared Thermometer and the Non-contact Infrared Thermometer(Thermometer Non Contact).

As for the Contact Infrared Thermometer, the Ear Thermometer is commonly used. 
The using way of the Ear Thermometer: 
1. Gently straighten the ear canal;
2. Insert the temperature measuring head into the ear canal;
3. Press the upper end of the temperature measurement for one second;
4. The Accurate body temperature can be read from the LCD screen;

Safe and secure. And it is safe even if the whole family shares if only we replace the protective rubber cover when using it(to avoid bacterial infection).

While, as for the Non-contact Infrared Thermometer(Thermometer for Fever), the most common type is the Forehead Thermometer.
The using way of the Forehead Thermometer:
1. Point the probe at the forehead;
2. Press the measuring button
3. The measurement data can be obtained in just a few seconds

Very suitable for the patients with acute and serious illness, the elderly, infants and children. However, in the early stage of use, users may get several different measurement data because they are not familiar with this operation method. Generally speaking, the measured maximum value is the desired data. And the users will be more satisfied with this kind of thermometer as they get familiar with it. 

All in all, the advantages of infrared thermometers(Thermometer Body Temperature) are convenient, simple, fast, and quite accurate to collect body temperature, and its disadvantage is that it can be easily affected by the the ambient temperature, and in this case the error will be large. Here are some tips about the thermometers as follows, hope it helps when you choose and use a thermometer. 

1. People with ear diseases such as the external otitis and otitis media should not use the ear thermometer.
2. Do not use the ear thermometer when the ear holes are wet after swimming or bathing.
3. When the person under test comes from a place where the temperature is very different from the temperature of the environment, he/she should stay in the measurement environment for at least 5 minutes to make the 2 temperature data becomes similar and then measure the body temperature. 
5. Using the cold compresses and other cooling measures on a fever patient will make the measurement result lower. Please avoid the temperature measurement in this case.
6. Please don't measure the body temperature in the places with large air currents such as the fans and air conditioners.
7. Please don't measure the body temperature in direct sunlight.
8. We advice to measure about 3 times during the measurement with the interval between each measurement 3-5 seconds, and select the most displayed set of data.

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