Network Video Recorder 5MP

The Network Video Recorder 5MP, also called the NVR 5MP/ 5MP NVR System/ 5MP NVR Security System/ 5MP NVR Recorder/ 5MP CCTV NVR means that the video and image storage resolution this Network Video Recorder is 5MP, 2560×1944.SMPTE., about 5 million pixels. 

I have introduced the Network Video Recorder and the incident investigation function of the Network Video Recorder software to you before, so this time let me specifically introduce the User Authority Management, the User Operation Log, and the Equipment Management of the Network Video Recorder software for you.

1. The User Authority Management
The user authority management includes the operation permission and the entity permission. The Operation permission mainly refers to those functions such as the video browsing, the PTZ control, the video playback, the device addition and deletion, and so on; while the entity permission mainly refers to those specific equipment resources such as the camera video, audio, video recorder, encoder and so on. The combination of the operation permission and the entity permission together can constitute the real user permissions.

2. The User Operation Log
In a large system, in order to facilitate the management and ensure the system security, the system manager usually needs the user operation logs, automatically formed by the system according to the track and record of the operation behaviors from all the users of different levels. Actually, the user operation logs are stored in the system database, and can be queried, exported and printed according to index conditions. In this way, when the system manager needs to do an incident investigation sometime in the future, he/she can directly export the user log table and finish the investigation task.  

3.The Equipment Management
In large system projects, the system needs the network management function to regularly inspect all the equipment status, and prompt the operator to perform the inspection and maintenance in time, so that the loss can be minimized when there are faults. The system has different marks for different equipment failure levels, and it will write the equipment failure logs into the database for the query and export in the future.

By now, all the functions of the Network Video Recorder software has been introduced to you in details. The Network Video Recorder does has many advantages and I believe it will be more and more popular. Finally, I hope my introduction will helps when you know and buy the Network Video Recorder. 

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