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4K Camera

The 4K Camera is getting more and more popular recently so what is the 4K Camera?

The 4K Camera/ 4K Ultra HD Cameras/ 4K Waterproof Cameras/ 4K Night Owl Cameras/ 4K Camera Monitor/ 4K Camera Wifi/ 4K Camera CCTV, also called the 4K HD network camera or the 4K HD network camera(today we mainly introduce the 4K HD network camera), adopts the new hardware platform with higher performance and is equipped with the 12 million pixels ultra-high-definition image sensor, which has the characteristics of the accurate and natural color reproduction and the clean and delicate picture quality.

4K means that the resolution is 3840*2160 and the aspect ratio is 16:9; under which standard, the CMOS progressive scan can reach 2160P. Compared with the 2 million pixels, the 4K high-definition network camera has higher vertical resolution, more accurate picture details, clearer display, cleaner and more delicate, and can make people feel immersive; which can effectively help to saitisfy the monitoring needs of the high-definition picture quality at the places with the complex lighting.

What about the technology advantages of the 4K Camera? 

The most outstanding technology advantage of the 4K Camera is the 4K technology. 

First of all, the most obvious feature of 4K technology is that its improved display resolution makes the picture more refined. There are two important key factors that affect the fineness of the picture, one is the pixels of the picture, and the other is the vertical resolution of the picture. The higher the pixels of the picture is, the finer the pixels on the picture of the same size will be, and the smaller the lattice will be. In fact, the human eye is very sensitive to the vertical resolution of the image, the higher the vertical resolution is, the more details and levels the human eye can recognize. What the 4K technology can achieve in the surveillance field is to enhance the vertical resolution of the picture while increasing the pixels, making the details and levels of the picture more accurate.

Secondly, the enhancement of the color levels and details makes the picture closer to real life. The transition from the standard-definition to the high-definition display system is actually mainly the upgrade in resolution, while there is no significant improvement in color. However, in the era of 4K Ultra HD, in addition to the leap in resolution, the changes in color are particularly noticeable; which is reflected in the latest BT.2020 ultra-high-definition broadcasting standard promulgated by the ITU-R.

Finally, the 4K video systems process the 10-bit or even 12-bit encoded video signals. At present, the HD or Full HD systems usually use the 8-bit video systems, while the 4K Ultra HD uses the 10-bit or even 12-bit video systems. Therefore, the 4K video system has a greater improvement than the HD system  whether in the gray level transition or in the color depth level performance.

All in all, the 4K Camera has a great improvement in the image quality and it would be more widely used by more and more people. 

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