The DVR 4K,also called the Digital Video Recorder 4K/ Digital 4 Video Camera Recorder/ 4K DVR Security System/ 4K DVR CCTV/ 4K DVR Amazon, means that this DVR has the resolution of 4K. 

So what does 4K resolution mean? 
In the digital technology field, people usually use the binary operations and the pixels to describe the size of the digital image. Due to the huge number of pixels that make up a digital image, the digital image size is usually represented by K. The 10th power of 2 is 1024, so: 1K=2^10=1024, 2K=2^11=2048, 4K=2^12=4096. How many 1024 pixels there are in the horizontal direction means how many K a video includes. Specifically speaking, for example, the resolution 2048×1080, 2048 represents the number of pixels in the horizontal direction and 1080 represents the number of pixels in the vertical direction; similarly, when the resolution is 4096×2160, 4096 represents the number of pixels in the horizontal direction, and 2160 represents the number of pixels in the vertical direction. In the actual production of alphanumeric version and digital projection, the number of pixels in the horizontal or vertical direction of the image needs to be adjusted according to different aspect ratios. Therefore, the resolution of 8847360 pixels close to the 4K image can also be called the 4K such as the resolution 3840*2160 which is common on the market. And strictly speaking, the standard 4K resolution is exactly 4 times the number of pixels of the 2K resolution 2048×1080, and 16 times the number of pixels of the 1K resolution 1024×540.

4K resolution belongs to the Ultra HD resolution, which means that the audience will be able to see every detail and close-up in the photos/videos at this 4K resolution. If 4K resolution is applied to the cinema, the audiencescan cearly see every detail and close-up of the film whichever cornor of the cinema they are at.  

4K resolution refers to that the pixel value per line in the horizontal direction reaches or approaches 4096, regardless of the aspect ratio. 4K resolution also has a variety of derivative resolutions, such as the Full Aperture 4K(4096*3112), the Academy 4K(3656*2664), and the UHDTV 4K(3840*2160), etc.,. And in the security and protection field, when we mention the 4K resolution, it refers to 3860*2160, 800W pixels.

4K resolution fits the resolution standard of the new generation of the Hollywood blockbusters. Different from both the so-called high-definition TV (1920×1080 resolution)that we watch at home and the large 2K resolution screen (2048×1080 resolution) of the traditional digital cinema, the 4K resolution means the ultra-high resolution video of the 4096×2160 resolution. The traditional high-definition TV shows the video of 2.07 million pixels, the traditional digital cinema shows the video of 2.21 million pixels, while the 4096×2160 resolution theater can show the high-definition video of 8.85 million pixels.

In conclusion, we should correctly know about the 4K and the resolution, and choose the most suitable resolution when we buy a electric device, the DVR, the security monitoring device or something. 

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