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We may hear of the Face Recognition, so what does this Face Recognition mean? 

The Face Recognition(or the Facial Recognition) is a kind of biometric recognition technology based on the human facial feature information. The Face Recognition(AI Face Recognition) also refers to a series of related technologies that use a camera to collect images or video streams containing human faces, and automatically detect and track human faces in the images, and then recognize the detected faces.

The Face Recognition System(Face Recognition Identification) integrates various professional technologies such as the artificial intelligence, machine recognition, machine learning, model theory, expert system, video image processing, etc. It also needs to combine the theory and implementation of the intermediate value processing, and is the latest application of the biometric recognition. The realization of the core technology shows the transformation from the weak artificial intelligence to the strong artificial intelligence.

As time goes by, the Face Recogniton Technology(Face Recognition Thermometer) is becoming mature and mature and some mutifunctional Face Recognition Devices have been "born", and one of the most popular mutifunctional Face Recognition Devices is the Face Recognition with the Body Temperature Detection function(AI Face Recognition Camera). This kind of Face Recognition Devices perfectly solved many problems. For example, the touching with people who need to be detected the body temperature can be avoided; a lot of detection time, energy, procedures, and labor can be saved; the detection difficulty can be decreased. So convenient! And this kind of Face Recogniton has helped a lot since the COVID-19 occurred, and it may help more in the future. 
Shenzhen Sanan Techonology Co.,Ltd also runs this kind of Face Recogniton(Face Recognition Infrared Thermometer) and it also has the color Bi-spectrum screen display except the body temperature detection function. Besides, we support the Local Language Customizing Service which means we can customize different languages according to the local accent of our clients. Really hope our Face Recognition can help more and more people. 

Smart Face Analysis IP Camera 2MP
Smart Face Analysis IP Camera 2MP

Eyeball 4MP Facial Recognition IP CCTV Camera
Eyeball 4MP Facial Recognition IP CCTV Camera

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