DVR 1080N

DVR 1080N, also called the Digital Video Recorder 1080N/ AHD 1080N DVR/ 4CH 1080N DVR/ 1080N HD DVR/ 1080N DVR Monitor, refers to that the resolution of the DVR is 1080N. 

So what does DVR 1080N stands for?

DVR 1080N means that the resolution of the DVR is 960*1080, not the Full high-definition resolution, but also the high definition. 

So what is the standard of the High Definition? 

According to the standard of the TV and film industry, the lowest High Definition is 1280*720, and it is also called 720P. 1280*720=921600 pixels, which means that once the dynamic pixels are equal to or over 921600 pixels. This dynamic pixels can be called as the high definition.

Due to the development of the technology,our requirements to clarity gradually grow, and the format of the image has also changed from 3:2, 4:3 to 16:9(the format of the high-definition times). Then the full high definition starts to spread. The requirement for the full high-definition is 1920*1080. That is to say, the lowest requirement for the devices that marked with the full high definition is that the dynamic pixels should reach 1920*1080=2073600, 2.07 million pixels at least, which is also the the high definition(HD) in our general consciousness. However, the high definition is usually made use of by the businesses to confuse the customers because of the international different high definition standards. 

With the development of the technology, the 4K devices gradually begains to appear in our eyesight. The 4K devices can be divided into 2 kinds. One is 4096*2160 in the film industry, the other is 3840*2160 at the home TV level.The former one is used in the film production, and the latter one is widely used for the 4K TVs nowadays. 4K has several other names according to the different high-definition degree, for example, many domestic businesses call divide the high definition into the "HD Clear", "Ultra Clear" and "Ultra HD". 

Besides, as the technology develops, there are some new functions such as the pixel interpolation calculating function for the electronic devices. For example, your TV can only play the full HD, and the supplier divide the pixels in the image divided into two parts and then make the pixels closly converted to 4K after the calculation, then in this case, the definition won't be improved.  

Therefore, when we take the high definition into consideration when we purchase the electronic devices or the CCTV cameras, we should figure out whether the marked definition is calculated or actual, then we can get the most suitable device with the definition we really need at the proper price.  

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