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We may have heard of the Zoom Dome Camera, so what is the Zoom Dome Camera/ Zoom Dome Camera HD/ Dome Camera with Zoom Lens/ Camera Speed Dome Zoom/ Dome Camera with Optical Zoom/ Indoor Zoom Dome Camera? We know that the Dome refers to the camera shape, so what about the Zoom? Actually, the Zoom refers to a type of the camera lens. Today let me introduce the camera lens for you. 

I have introduced the camera lens, classifications, and the Wide Dynamic for you before. Today please let me introduce another parameter of the camera lens for you---the White Balance.

So what is the White Balance?
The White balance, an index that describes the accuracy of the white color generated by the mixed three primary color of red, green, and blue in the display, is a very important concept in the field of television photography, through which the color reproduction and tone processing problems can be solved. This concept White Balance appeared with the reproduction of true color in electronic images, and it has been applied earlier in the field of the professional photography and it is also widely used in the home electronic products (the home video cameras, the digital cameras). As the technology developes white balance adjustment is becoming easier and easier, however, many users still don't understand the working principle of White Balance, and much misunderstanding occured.

Actually, the White Balance is mainly used to make the camera image able to accurately reflect the color condition of the subject. Many users may encounter this problem when shooting with a digital camera: the image shot in a fluorescent room will look green,the scene shot under indoor tungsten light will be yellowish, and the image shot will be bluish inexplicably in the shadow of daylight. All those have one reason: the White Balance setting.

The White Balance means that the white objects can be recovered to white under any light source, and the color cast phenomenon that occurs when shooting under a specific light source can be compensated by strengthening the corresponding complementary color. the deviation of the color temperature can be calibrated by the camera's white balance setting, and we can boldly adjust the white balance to achieve the desired picture effect while shooting. The white balance setting of the digital camera is an important guarantee to ensure the ideal picture color. The so-called white balance is a calculation method of the digital image color processing to achieve the accurate color restoration of other objects by the restoring the color of the white subject (to produce a pure white color effect).

Here are some adjustment modes for the White Balance as follows: 
1.Auto white balance
2.Tungsten white balance
3.Fluorescent white balance
5.Indoor white balance
6.Manual adjustment
7.Shadow mode

Actually, different adjustment modes setting for the White Balance can make the iamage shot show different effects, so the user can make good of this parameter---White Balance to take more desire images and videos. Also, I hope that the introduction of the White Balance can help you better understand the camera lens, the Zoom Dome Camera, and the whole video monitor field. 

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